Cory Brandt

Episode #23

Cory Brandt

Q: Tell us about you and your business?

A: I’m a Realtor with a small team in the Great Seattle/Bellevue area. We do 60-80 transactions a year, and historically are over 80% repeat and referral based. I’ve personally been in the business just shy of 20 years.

Q: Tell us about your Family?

A: I have been married for 27 years. I have two sons (20 & 23) and a dog.

Q: Tell us about your Community?

A: I live in Sammamish, which is a pretty great place to live and raise kids. Safe, great schools, and close to the fun stuff, aka. Seattle and Bellevue. My home is in a smaller neighborhood where 107 homes share 400′ of waterfront, a dock, boat launch, etc. It is a great way to know your neighbors – margarita nights don’t hurt either!

Q: Tell us how you serve or give back in your community?

A: Recently I started giving 25% of my commission back to Food Banks, Eastside Baby Corner, which provides diapers and more for young families in need; and to Sophia’s Way, a charity to help stop homelessness with women. Previously we’ve done toy drives at parties, food drives, school supplies, among others.

Q: How did you come about selecting this cause?

A: We talked as a team and tried to focus on a need, or where we could have a good impact.

Q: What are some of the specific things you have done to support this cause?

A: Recently, since COVID-19, it has been mostly financial – 25% of the commission. We’ve also done a food drive and matched funds there.

Q: What has been the impact on the community, your team, and family?

A: I think our team feels better about what we have done as a whole because we give back. I think we feel like we’re doing something to try and help. When you are part of a community – you’re just a very small part of a big need. But when it comes to family, honestly, it hasn’t been easy, because there is always a need for that money…but we’re in a good financial position so it was time to do more.

Q: What are your plans going forward?

A: Honestly – I don’t know. We keep extending the 25%. We’re looking at the social unrest currently and wondering what else we could or should be doing.

Q: How would you recommend agents or brokers get started if they want to make a difference?

A: Start small. Start with what you can afford to do and build it as a habit. For me, I do development on the side, so I’ll have years where I sell a property and am able to write big checks and years where I’m deep into installing utilities and paying bills resulting in almost no free cash. The net overall is just trying to make a difference.


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