Jason Miller

Episode #21

Jason Miller

Q: Tell us about you and your business?

A: I own 2 RE/MAX offices and run one of Southeastern Michigan’s “top 5 RE/MAX Teams”. I have never had another profession as an adult. Truly I am lucky. My father and I have been working together for 25 years; some think I am the second generation, but this is not true. My Dad got into the business only 3 years before I did; we learned and grew together!!

Q: Tell us about your Family?

A: We center around God first, we are not perfect, and that is okay; we are real and broken. We try and allow for imperfection in each other with grace and understanding.

You probably want the stats so here it goes…

I have been married to my wife Andrea for 24 years. She is the rock that holds our family together and we have two amazing daughters Elizabeth (14) and Angela (9). Our family loves to travel – both kids have been international travelers since birth. Elizabeth is an amazing student and loves the arts; music and theater specifically. She recently decided that she wants to be a medical doctor. Angela is all about horses. She is an accomplished rider and has set her sights on a world championship in October. Our family believes in dreaming BIG!

Q: Tell us about your Community?

A: We serve families in South-Eastern Michigan, focusing on Western Wayne and Southwestern Oakland counties. We serve a large geographic area of diverse people, price ranges, and backgrounds.

Q: Tell us how you serve or give back in your community?

A: As a family, we are active in helping ‘plant churches’; these are new startups, and we have been part of the ‘plant team’ for two churches in the past 5 years. The entire family serves almost every weekend. Some of the places we serve are middle schools, parking, set up, with a small group leader… you name it we have probably done it.

My wife and I are benefactors of the vocal music program at Northville High School. The program was a huge part of our lives when we were active in the vocal music program that we attended. I have also helped in after school music programs at community centers in Detroit as well as Cody High School.

As a Real Estate Team, we currently sponsor 10 children through Compassion International. Compassion kids are something we are passionate about. We have had Compassion tables outside our client events and encouraged others to pick up and sponsor a kid or two. We have helped raise 10’s of thousands of dollars for children all over the world who are less fortunate. This all started with our own Compassion kid at home. We nicknamed him “Moose” because we couldn’t pronounce his name. He is part of our daily lives. We think about his needs, his family, and his community. We may never meet him but he is ours to care for.

Most recently our team hosted a drive-thru hand sanitizer refilling station. This is an event that we will are planning to host once a month until there is access to the product and becomes readily available for everyone. During our first month, it was great seeing our clients and community come by and fill up a bottle to take home or to a family member.

As a Family and Team, we believe in the concept of “see a need fill a need” – if you have the power to help someone do it.

Q: What has been the impact on the community, your team, and your family?

Our community sees us as a resource for them, they know we are part of their lives. Sponsoring a kid impacts communities all over the globe and ponsoring the arts impacts my city. Lastly, hand sanitizer makes everyone safer.

Our family and our Team are more aware of opportunities to foster change. Even when this change only impacts one person at a time – one person is not insignificant!

My family understands what gratitude is and so focusing on how we can fill a need for someone has helped us appreciate what we have. It has made my daughters more compassionate. They will change the world in ways I have never dreamed of.

Q: What are your plans going forward?

A: Real Estate is what we do to provide for our families. What we do outside of Real Estate is how we can impact the world. We keep looking for timely opportunities to jump in and help and I have some long term commitments like Compassion International and filling a specific need that is needed at that moment – like a family in crisis or providing hand sanitizer during a pandemic. We will continue to look for ways to serve our local and worldwide community.

Q: How would you recommend agents or brokers get started if they want to make a difference?

A: Start by finding something that you are passionate about. Ask the organization, “how can we best fill a need that you have?” It isn’t only financial; you would be amazed at how many groups need your leadership and time. Some of the best opportunities are giving your specific skills to a cause that needs them.



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