Julie Timms

Episode #19

Julie Timms

Q: Tell us about you and your business?

A: I have been helping people buy and sell real estate since 1979 here on Hilton Head Island, SC, and in the surrounding areas of Bluffton and lower Beaufort County. I hold eight real estate designations, am a real estate instructor for the State of SC, and I am a master coach at Workman Success Systems. My passion is assisting people to reach their goals of being prosperous and happy.

Our business is a family-owned boutique Real Estate Brokerage serving Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Okatie, southern Beaufort County, and Jasper Counties in South Carolina. Our team shares a set of core values that always put the customer and client first. We practice service regardless of opportunity. My husband, Bernie, and I work with six full-time sales associates and our support staff of 3 makes sure all the paperwork gets done so we can make the transaction as seamless as possible from listing the home to closing the home.

Q: Tell us about your Family?

A: I am married to Bernie Timms and have two grown children, Caroline and Drew; I have an awesome granddaughter named Sabine. My parents live in Atlanta and have a home in Hilton Head so I am blessed to be able to see them often. I have two younger sisters, one who lives in the mountains of North Georgia and the other lives on Hilton Head Island near us.

Q: Tell us about your Community?

A: Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area is a world-renown tourist destination and a wonderful place to live. The natural beauty is stunning and the architecture fits right into the natural beauty. We have 12 miles of beach and an abundance of open spaces, parks, forests, and marshes. The people who live here are second to none. They chose to move here and almost everyone is positive and happy.

Q: Tell us how you serve or give back in your community?

We have served a number of charities and organizations over the years – mostly, we help by raising money and running the business aspect of the organization. We have served the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, the Boy Scouts, Heroes on Horseback, the Seahawk Theatre Guild, Junior Achievement, Property Owners Associations, and several others.

Q: How did you come about selecting this cause?

A: The causes selected us. Either our children were involved or someone we knew asked us to join. There are always so many wonderful causes and we are always here to lend a hand when asked or where we see a need.

Q: What are some of the specific things you have done to support this cause?

A: We have taught classes, raised money, donated money, created websites, maintaining financial records, painted, nailed, cleaned… you name it, we’ve done it.

Q: What has been the impact on the community, your team, and family?

A: The organizations we serve have an impact on the community, we are just there to keep them running however we can. Our team is made of givers and so is our family. We enjoy helping and it’s really not about what we gain, it’s about what we give.

Q: What are your plans going forward?

A: My plan is to continue to assist folks where I see the need and know I can make a difference. Helping others is what my life has been all about.

Q: How would you recommend agents, or brokers get started if they want to make a difference?

A: They can get started by looking around them and notice a need. Ask their children and their clients what organizations they love and ask how you can help too. I have never found a shortage of good causes. Also, they should look into their hearts and their eyes – the cause will appear.


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