Michele Harmon

Episode #18

Meet Michele Harmon

Q:Tell us about you and your business?

A: Been in the business for 8 years. We are a team of 8 and have helped over 500 families and sell more than $200,000,000 in real estate!

Q: Tell us about your Family?

A: I married my high school sweetheart… We just celebrated 26 years of marriage but have been together 33 years total. I have 2 kids in college. Our son, Kyle, is a graduate student at the University of Texas, and our daughter, Katie, is a Sophomore at Oklahoma State University.

Q: Tell us about your Community?

A: I have lived in Tomball for about 24 years. It has that ‘small-town’ feel but is close to the big city. We love it here! The schools are great, the neighbors are friendly and we are close to most of our family.

Q: Tell us how you serve or give back in your community?

A: We try to give back as much as we can. We just picked our MHT scholarship winners this week and will be awarding 2 high school seniors $1500 each to use toward books or tuition next year. Recently we started a COVID 19 Eats-To-Go Facebook Page to help our local restaurants during this crisis. We have almost 2000 members in this group. We have done Thanksgiving food drives in the past to donate to a local food pantry. Most recently we donated stuffed eggs to the Tomball hospital for the doctors and nurses to take home to their families.

Q: How did you come about selecting this cause?

A: We try to do as much as we can around our area but the scholarship was an easy way to give back to the future of our community.

Q: What are some of the specific things you have done to support this cause?

A: We do a lot of other things to support the schools; we donate to just about every organization that asks, we advertise on sports tickets, and in the school programs and we feel like helping out the schools, ultimately helps the community.

Q: What has been the impact on the community, your team, and family?

A: We get a lot of feedback from the support we give the schools. It helps us with brand recognition but it helps us feel like we are also helping a bigger cause.

Q: What are your plans going forward?

A: We would like to do more. We are always looking for ways to give back, to do more, and to give back to our community.

Q: How would you recommend agents, or brokers get started if they want to make a difference?

A: That is a tough one because we are still trying to figure out the best way to allocate our funds. I think paying attention, asking around, looking for a need, and filling it.


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