Nate Martinez

Episode #15

Nate Martinez

Q: Tell us about you and your business?

A: I have 34 years servicing over 6,000 families while at the same time leading a 145 agent RE/MAX office!

Q: Tell us about your Family?

A: Our Family is growing! I have my two older kids, Nate Jr. & Brandi, who are both in the business and my better half, Tonya, also in the business, as well as our daughter, Mila, and stepson, Brennan, who is serving our country in the US Army. We are continually growing with our 2 grandkids, Hayden (12 years old), and Nathan (5 days old).

Q: Tell us about your Community?

A: The Phoenix Metro area is the 5th largest city in the US. I have lived here for 60 years.

Q: Tell us how you serve or give back in your community?

A: Well, I have always been involved with sponsoring youth sports teams and anything to do with children, including youth theater. 29 years ago at my 1st RE/MAX Convention, RE/MAX announced a partnership with the Children’s Hospitals. So for 29 years, I have donated on every home and I have sold (over 6,000) since then…you do the math. I started and ran an annual golf tournament where all proceeds went to the Phoenix Hospital. When I opened RE/MAX Professionals I inspired our agents to become miracle agents; that was in 2001. Since 2001, we have been one of the top contributing offices in the RE/MAX system; raising over 500,000 for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Q: What are some of the specific things you have done to support this cause?

A: Golf tournaments, motorcycle rides, live auctions, and silent auctions, just to name a few.

Q: What has been the impact on the community, your team, and family?

A: A sense of giving, is a sense of community.

Q: What are your plans going forward?

A: Well, I would love to raise over $1,000,000.

Q: How would you recommend agents or brokers get started if they want to make a difference?

A: Find something you are passionate about and start giving with your time, then your money.


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